Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let's Gitty Up-N-Go

    After the massive snow storm in New York, I know you just want to stay home and just drink hot chocolate all day long cause it's literally FREEZING! But we, the brave girls, decided to bundle up in Hania Cashmere Sweaters and take a little walk to Central Park, two blocks up from our showroom. As soon as we arrived, we couldn't pass by the horse carriage; it was just too cute and classy. There is a lot of debating going on for the banning the horse carriage for animal rights, but I also think that it was such a trademark of classic NYC scene.  One day, there will be no more horse carriages walking around Central Park, rather electric-powered antique cars. So, we decided to "Gitty Up" and take a farewell spin around!

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